Integrating with Existing Systems

Imagine a workplace where all of your data comes together in the one place without the need for double-entry of information into various systems.

Key to I.T. can design an integrated software solution for your business, using Microsoft Access, SQL Server, or a an Web Application. We can advise you one which platform would best suit your needs.

For example, you might currently be entering your Employee Details into your accounting/payroll system, Outlook, Spreadsheets, and Word Documents. This is time consuming, annoying, and prone to error. If instead, you have your systems integrated or linked, it is possible to retrieve information from one or more other software systems to show it all in one place.

Without Integrated Software, things tend to get a little messy and data entry is duplicated.

These are some examples of tasks you or your staff may perform on a daily basis that could be streamlined with the introduction of an integrated software solution.

  1. Create an Employee Record in Payroll System with details of DOB, start date, phone, address, email address pay rate etc.
  2. Create a letter of offer using Word where details (most of which were entered into Payroll system in Item 1).
  3. Convert a letter to PDF and/or print a hard copy.
  4. Possibly email letter of offer to new Employee as well as print hard copy for signature.
  5. Record training done by employee in a spreadsheet.
  6. Record changes in remuneration.
  7. Record keys that have been allocated to the employee in a spreadsheet.
  8. Keep track of employee requests for days off.
  9. Create a roster allocating shifts to employees, whilst also monitoring the cost of labour.
  10. Calculate hours worked per employee at each pay rate (depending on which penalty rates apply) for entry into the payroll system.
  11. Report on Labour Costs vs Sales.