Why Key to I.T.?

We provide friendly, down to earth, personal service. We can talk through your issues and requirements without the 'geek speak'. Our main developer's experience in accounting and admin roles, provides an advantage in understanding business clients needs when it comes to developing applications.

Whether you would like an application or database for your staff to use, better designed spreadsheets, or you want business application software that you can use anywhere, Key to I.T. can guide you through it.

Your business data at your fingertips

I can help you improve the way your business operates, through using software designed specifically for you.

About me

My name is Leanne Benson. Before I became a software developer, I worked in the office of Ergon Energy in Mackay. I gained 12 years experience working in various admin, accounting and systems roles while completing a business degree and then a degree in computer software.

I have been developing Web Applications for clients since 2014, and Microsoft Database applications since 2001. Choosing the right solution is so important.

Our Services

  • Process Analysis and Flowcharting
  • Data Solutions
  • Cloud Applications Development
  • Systems and Process Improvement
  • .NET, C# SQL Server Databases, Azure Apps and Database
  • API Development
  • Microsoft Access Databases

What type of applications can Key to I.T. provide?

I develop multi-platform web application which can run on any device (mobile phones, tablets and PCs) with any modern web browser.

I also develop Microsoft Access applications which are a great tool for use within small business.

Web apps don't have to be for big business. I can provide a cost effective solution which will save time and money for your business.


Have a look at our portfolio of applications we have developed for clients.

A great benefit to having an application designed specifically for you, is having the freedom to bring different data together.

We have designed and developed applications which link to existing proprietary systems, as well as providing an interface to link additional related data and features. Often, reports or queries on the data were not previously unobtainable any other way.

In integrated applications, duplicate data entry is eliminated, and a better user experience is provided. ...more

A Web Application can mobilise your workforce and allow staff to access business records from any device, anywhere you have internet access.

This is more than just putting your files in Dropbox or OneDrive.

Key to I.T. can design and develop an application for your business which works on mobile phones, tablets, and PCs. This type of multi-platform application runs on any device with any modern web browser.

What this means, is your business software can be run from anywhere. Great for employees out of the office a lot, or people working from home.

We can create affordable Cloud solutions for small to medium businesses.

Microsoft Access is a great platform for providing cost effective solutions for small to medium businesses. You might ask, 'why do I need a database when I can just use spreadsheets?'

As your business continues to grow, your reporting needs will change. Transitioning your data to the next level, will allow you to have more control over your business information, and to easily see it from different angles.

A properly designed Access solution can simplify and streamline operations by providing a central repository for information.

Once you have a solution to store your information, you can always build on it with reporting, charting, importing or exporting data, or integrating with other applications. ...more

Spreadsheets are essential in businesses of any size and any type. Great spreadsheet design can prevent errors from occurring, and sometimes you just might need some help with this.

I have previously worked for a number of years in an Accounting role for Ergon Energy, as well as various administrative roles. These included payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, stock management, and bank reconciliation and finance.

I can share with you the benefit of my spreadsheet design experience in these roles. ...more

We can set you up with SQL Server, a robust, scalable database solution.

SQL Server Express is a free version of SQL Server which is a great solution for an in-house database. All you need is a computer to host it on.

For businesses requiring extra stability and security, but wish to have a flexible, low cost solution, SQL Server can be used together with a Microsoft Access 'front end' solution.

If your business would benefit from an online solution, you may be interested in a Web Application which links to either SQL Server or a cloud hosted version of SQL Server.