Microsoft Access Databases

Microsoft Access is a great platform for providing cost effective information management solutions for small to medium businesses. You might ask, 'Why do I need a database when I can just use spreadsheets?'

As your business continues to grow, your reporting needs will change. Transitioning your data to the next level, will allow you to have more control over your business information, and to easily see it from different angles.

Signs your business has outgrown spreadsheets

  • You spending a lot of time copying sheets of data somewhere else to analyse it in different ways.
  • There is information that is duplicated in mulitple places e.g. Names and Addresses
  • A large amount of time is spent copying and pasting formulae each month and occasionally spending a lot of time fixing formulae that have accidently been overwritten or that are now referring to the wrong cells.
  • You discover that something went wrong with a formula, and you have been relying on incorrect results for many months.
  • Frequently, more than one person needs to use the file at once.

All of these problems can cost you time and therefore money. Standardisation and formulae protection of the existing spreadsheets can be a good solution. Alternatively, migration of your data to an Access database, SQL Server database, or Cloud database may be right for your business.

I am happy to provide advice on the available options.

~ Example of a Microsoft Access Searchable List