Web App: Zarb Workshop Maintenance Application

Zarb Workshop Maintenance Application - Service Checklist

Key Features

  • Zarb's Workshop Maintenance App was designed to capture servicing details using checklists which were previously paper-based.
  • Visual cues to easily identify completed items and items for repair.
  • Now using Android, iPad, iPhone or PC, workshop staff can log in from any location that has internet access (e.g. the workshop and roadside repairs) and mark off checklist items as they go.
  • Multiple people can work on the checklist at the same time.
  • As staff check off each item, they will be prompted to record details of any faults.
  • Fault notifications can be emailed to the Supervisor at the click of a button.
  • Supervisors can check and approve employee's work.
  • When the supervisor decides work is complete, hours worked and servicing information gets added automatically to the accounting system.

Timesheet Features

  • Employee Start and Finish Time can be recorded by Unit / Service / Task
  • Fluids can be selected by part number from a pop-up list.
  • Tyre rotation and replacement can be recorded by visually selecting the tyre position and nominating the type of tyre.
  • An email is forwarded to the nominated staff member when any parts are specified on the timesheet.
Zarb Workshop Maintenance Application - Timesheet